Short about e-Learning

The IT- and E-learning strategy create an architecture which will promote the building of pedagogical innovation, increase the deployment of learning technologies and enable research into e-learning in a way that directly addresses business opportunities and imperatives. It provides for equivalent and enhanced learning and support experiences for all students and teachers at Universities. It offers a framework that not only develops and extends the range of services and approaches already in place but also looks to deepen understanding and deployment of learning technologies.

Experience in and development of the skills of e-learning design and teaching online with and for remote students is widespread at Universities. There is a need to enable more teams in Universities/institutes to understand and develop effective e-learning using the Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). All need support in designing for participation and intervening for learning. Many of the problems and benefits of using the VLEs can be dealt with by appropriate design before the students arrive.

In order that academic departments can focus on high quality e-learning design using the VLEs, services including student support services, the library and the Students Union will be developed and brought together through the VLE thus providing an excellent service to distance students and good access to all students when working remotely. This will enable the University to embed holistic support within departments and subject areas.

e-Learning does not replace face-to-face teaching or training at campus or companies/organizations but instead extend and enhance their experience, and enable them to study in more flexible ways.

We are continually work to make our online courses more effective and accessible as e-learning modules that you can work through, picking up relevant information no matter time or place.

Azerbaijan eLearning Center, AzeLC
Bahram Atabeyli
, Founder