Welcome to IT Infrastructure 2015

This course is an introduction to IT-infrastructure and focus on how to design an efficient and sustainable IT infrastructure.

Further, infrastructure management and design/redesign of Infrastructure will also be addressed.

This course has a practical approach where the focus is on active use of case studies with underlying theoretical concepts.

Good Luck,
Bahram Atabeyli, Course Manager

Welcome to Research Methodology 2015

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the process of conducting
academic research.
We will learn about how to think and act like a researcher in conceptualizing, designing, executing, and evaluating “scientific” research projects. Part of the
class will require you to design and write an independent research proposal (with your professor’s help). In addition, the finals exam will prepare you for the research methods section of your Master Thesis.

Good Luck,
Bahram Atabeyli, Course Manager

Welcome to

Master's thesis Course 2015

Qafqaz University (QU) recognizes both the value of practical engagement and the value of research-oriented activities. Drawing on the substantial backgrounds of our University as research scholars, QU offers an opportunity for master's students to spend part of their last semester at QU writing a master's thesis.

You have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty advisor, exploring original research questions and applying the tools of information science to generate new knowledge. You also can share your projects with the QU community through poster sessions and speaking events. Successful completion of a thesis earns a designation on your final transcript.

This Course will be teaching as an eLearning course which means that we are going to plan some face to face meeting, online chat and discussions forum. All materials will be available here on our Course Portfolio.

Good Luck
Bahram Atabeyli, IT Master Programme Coordinator